StumbleUpon – A Sharing Site With Unique Features

StumbleUpon is a popular and leading sharing and bookmarking site on the internet these days. It is the database of the videos, web pages and various other contents submitted by other users on the internet. It is very simple and easy to use. Once you click the Stumble Upon button available on the browser toolbar, then ill be redirected to the randomly selected sites that led on by other internet users and. With the help of this innovative browser toolbar, one can easily connect with other readers and bloggers with whom they can share their interests. There are several bookmarking sites on the internet, but StumbleUpon is the only sharing site that stands apart from the crowd because of its unique approach. Let us discuss it in detail.

Primary Features

The following are its features-

    • It sends ongoing traffic: There is a problem with other social media sites that the popular submissions will only get traffic for a predefined period. The incoming traffic may last either for an hour or else for a week. But, this is not the case with StumbleUpon because it keeps on sending traffic continuously for months and years. Initially, you will not be receiving huge traffic, but so slowly, after few days
    • Random Stumble Feature: This is feature makes SU unique from other sharing sites. This feature will take you to the random pages of your interests. Moreover, you can also stumble through those pages that your friends have liked. These features very faster and fills with fun. So if you find any friend having similar content like you, this feature will be a great thing for you to locate new stuff.
    • StumbleUpon Toolbar: Almost every social medial site provides a toolbar that you can use in the browser, but this is not the case with StumbleUpon because it has the most powerful features that other sites. The toolbar of SU has a feature that can stumble through pages automatically, share pages with other users, network with other friends and much more. In addition, the toolbar of SU will enable you to vote for pages easily and quickly and submit them to SU. Again, this is not possible with other sites.


StumbleUpon is the only sharing site where you will be amazed at the networking feature. However, all the social media sites are designed with networking features, but the networking feature of SU challenges the features of primary competitors. Here at SU, it is quite simple and easy to maintain friend lists and add more friends. You can easily join new groups and participate in other groups and send emails to other users. To avail of the benefits of SU, you need to register and open an account. Moreover, it would be best to create a profile mentioning all your details, including your interests, pictures and other information.


Overall, StumbleUpon is a sharing site that can boost traffic and help you find friends of your interest.