Pursuit of Happiness: Can Someone Really Make You Happy

When it comes to matters in the business sector, or work, we all need each other for that business to function properly, because the business world is structured to work that way. In order for your business to run smoothly, you need consistent cashflow – and this is where playing sports betting games via UFABET could help you out. 

Each employee does what he/she is supposed to do to make it function smoothly. But when it comes to more personal matters, like say, love or romance, do some people have it all wrong when they supposedly claim that we need people to make us happy?

For those of you who believe this to be true, is it suffice to note that you were sad and depressed the day before you met and fell in love with that special someone in your life, who supposedly came along and made you happy?

If so, what happens if there comes a time when you are not having such a great day, will that special someone be held accountable for your temporary state of being, at that time?
Or are some of us who hold on to this ‘we need people to make us happy’ concept setting up ourselves for a big let down?

Furthermore, what happens if that person you are waiting for to ‘make’ you happy never shows up or comes along? What if he/she is already attached, engaged or married to someone else? Will you live out your life in a slightly depressed or unhappy state of mind because you did not end up with that someone who could have made you happy?

Is that one reason why the Domestic Violence rate is so high in some places. That special someone did not make you happy so you had to go and abuse him/her in some form or the other.

On the other hand, what about those persons who believe we should first find contentment within ourselves before we can claim that someone else or other people can make us happy?

On a personal note, I believe we should first be happy with ourselves so by the time that special someone enters our lives, he/she can further enhance our sense of happiness or extend it.

Waiting around for someone to come along and make you happy only enables you to be totally dependent on the other someone to make you happy. And that is indeed a heavy task for the other person.

Be happy with yourself first so your ‘pursuit of happiness’ will run a much smoother course.