How to Make a Meditation Tent in Your Home

Relax in Your Own Little Hideout

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Set it up

You may have an old tent around, or could pick one up cheaply on your local Craiglist or Freecycle. Or, you could always regress to childhood momentarily and drape a big old sheet over a table or several chairs.

Put your tent in a spot with little traffic from other householdmembers. Perhaps explain your desire for a little time and space for only you.

Furnish it

You will need some light in your hideout, for reading and writing when you choose to. LED lanterns are perfect. You can pick one up online at REI or other camping stores, or at your local hardware store or Walmart (check the camping section). Or, use a couple of flashlights, or a string of tiny holiday lights from the dollar store.

You will also need something comfortable to sit and lie on. Do you have any not-in-use futons or large cushions around? Extra pillows, sleeping bags, blankets? Bring them in and pile them up.

Stock it to create

If you enjoy writing, or have wanted to, bring in a notebook and pen. Interested in drawing? Bring in pencils, crayons, markers, a pad of paper, or even cut up paper bags. Perhaps some music, too, anything from an MP3 player you have around to a boombox to a musical instrument. Consider borrowing or bartering items if you’re without an item of interest and want to save your money and conserve resources.

You can put your in-tent supplies in a box or basket you have around, something you enjoy looking at. Pick a favorite book to throw in with your goodies.


And, of course a big bottle of water and some healthy snacks. If you have a little cooler you can pop in some ice, fruit, juice, whatever you like, and have it cool and ready. In winter, fill a thermos with hot cocoa, spiced tea, of soup.

Crawl in and enjoy!

Maybe your get-away tent comfy and fun. Relax inside with deep breathing, eyes closed, letting the tension drain out and the happy-tent feelings flow in.

Go in for at least 20 minutes each day, and enjoy. Maybe you’ll even want to share your tent after a while, but don’t feel you have to. Your secret hideout can remain all yours.